Clas Tuuth

Sitting somewhere in the mix of Mount Kimbie, Gold Panda, Andy Stott and Four Tet, emerging London producer Clas Tuuth will release his second EP “002″ via esteemed London indie NeedNoWater Records in late 2013.
A follow-up and companion piece to his earlier release “001″, the EP presents five tracks that travel between electronic genres, shifting between darker and lighter touches. Warm textures, synths and programmed clicks, drum snaps and layers of percussion piece together a patchwork of subtle electronic- leaning recordings and showcase the unassuming Clas Tuuth’s ability to absorb and repurpose a variety of influences; from techno to garage, hip-hop to lo-fi.

Clas Tuuth’s 001 EP was supported on BBC 6music, including plays from Tom Ravenscroft and Nemone, the latter picking out ‘Sketch’ as a ‘headphones moment’ track.

Based in London, Clas Tuuth’s reputation is beginning to gain momentum. If you’re familiar with Fence Collective’s notable indie-folk artist, Rozi Plain, Clas Tuuth’s remix of “See My Boat” from last year enjoyed radio play across 6music and Xfm, quickly spotlighting Clas within the scope of key radio tastemakers and providing the label with one of their most on-demand downloads to-date.

Clas Tuuth - Sketch
Clas Tuuth - South

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